Sunday, 29 April 2012

Infographics & Data Visualizations |

This is surely worth a try... Data visualisation made as easy as child's play... so, lets try it out...

Infographics' Data Visualizations |

How Google + is changing news; a powerful tool for immediate stories « Social Wisdom: Digital Strategy Musings

And the convergence of all the media channels are continuing... this time from Google+ Hangouts... Maybe I must consider a Hangout for the planned Workshop at Innovation Agency.... there's an Idea...

Surely this opens up all kinds of possiblities, especially for businesses relying on Social Media to get the message out... and of course journalists.

How Google + is changing news; a powerful tool for immediate stories « Social Wisdom: Digital Strategy Musings

Friday, 20 April 2012

The hidden workplace: What's your OQ? - July 23, 2007

The academic findings of those working with Social networks in organisations are all bearing fruit... the insights we start to derive from studying organisational networks are phenomenal...

Yet, managers must learn to use SNA and the many measures that interpret sociograms / social maps, and social network analysis reports. Based on these findings teams can for example become more effective, or in the wake of organisational lay-offs, what-if analysis can be done beforehand to understand how relationships will be affected. Fractured networks more than the actual talent leaving have a far greater negative impact on productivity... something Im set to prove empiracally.

The hidden workplace: What's your OQ? - July 23, 2007

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Google Enterprise - Google+

Cloud computing taken to a whole new level... but what intrigues me are the possibilities for collaboration with others inside and outside the organisation...

Can employees ANY longer afford to work in isolation? Can any organisation carry on working they way they have? Can managers even consider NOT paying attention to these developments? Organisational IT departments and the CIO and CTO surely have to sit up and take notice...

Google Enterprise - Google+

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What’s Mine is Yours: CC Pioneers & Protagonists

Collaborative Consumerism

A truly great idea with many examples, high- and low tech... however, poor communities or resource-challenged ones like those found in Africa all offer outstanding examples of how people have always been sharing and co-operating in order to survive.

I wonder if its just a case of (spoilt, wealthy) Westerners also waking up to the idea of sharing resources and using it more optimally. And now we have a found a word for it: Collaborative Consumerism.

Living in South Africa and travelling through the city center of Johannesburg offer countless examples of people making a living by sharing what little they have. South Africa's so-called 'Black taxis' industry is a great example of a system that works... for those who understand and rely on it... of course... and it works because of sharing routes, co-operating, etc -- all within a framework that the industry created for itself... (Simplistic view... granted)

Perhaps US citizens will recall how African-Americans shared rides with those 'brothers' who had cars, when they boycotted the racial laws that segregated busses?

But from the little that Ive read, Cuba perhaps offers the best example of the perfect recycling society... Thankfully, perhaps, the USA and consumerism stayed OUT of Cuba... I surely don't hope consumerism catches up with the Cubans when the US lifts its trade sanctions and other bans.

What’s Mine is Yours: CC Pioneers & Protagonists