Saturday, 06 August 2011

Entrepeneurship: Johannesburg City Dump

Not too far from our home in Kensington, Johannesburg (South Africa) I came across this scence -- recycling the African way. This man collects old files being thrown away. They spread it out -- it gets wet due to rain etc -- and when they dry out it becomes easier to strip the metal from the files. The metal goes to recycling plants...

However, due to poverty, there are high incidences of cable theft -- even drain covers are often stolen to be sold for scrap metail -- leaving gaping holes. In Soweto this has for example led to tragic consequences with children falling down man-holes and dying as a consequence.

Its all about survival in an urban environment -- yet, it also reflects something about the way in which western-based systems governing modern-day urban landscapes are morphed to suit how things are done in Africa...
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